An Experienced Partner in Purchasing

PayMeFaster is an efficient engine for worldwide procurements. Our platform simplifies payables into one processor for easy invoice management.

As a new buyer in a network, or a buyer considering joining a network, a major advantage that we and our partner networks provide is the ability to automate much of the transactional items. Once a PO is placed, your orders are tracked and managed via a web portal that is accessible to the supplier. Once they ship, their invoices are sent to you in a single readable format that is developed between you and the network and eliminates errors, as there is a pre-check to confirm invoices are correct. Invoice errors are typically reduced to less than 1% of all transactions, and calls to A/P are reduced significantly. With our financing, we are the ultimate payee, as the customer is paid very early in the cycle.

Buyers can also benefit from our extended terms and flexible cash management and payment options.