General Questions

PayMeFaster is here to serve YOU. If you don’t see answers to your invoice funding questions, please contact us with your questions and we will provide answers promptly.

Invoice funding, also known as accounts receivable financing and sometimes referred to as invoice factoring, is the simple process of getting advanced payment on your invoices or accounts receivable for a discounted amount. Instead of waiting 30, 60, 90+ days to get paid, you can get paid within 48 hours or less and have access to immediate working capital.

Rapid growth is one of the primary reasons for invoice financing. Another might be slow-paying customers. Typically, companies that would like to increase their cash flow and use their cash now, rather than later, will use the cost-effective strategy of invoice financing.

PayMeFaster works with businesses of all sizes and will work with any commercial business that requires working capital for any reason. We serve most business-to-business suppliers which include manufacturing, information technology, oil & gas services, machine shops, consulting, printing, guard services, janitorial, staffing and many more. Invoice financing can be beneficial for any business.

PayMeFaster has a streamlined approval and qualification process for your convenience. By completing a simple form, you will receive a competitive proposal. PayMeFaster does not require financial statements or tax returns from you — instead, PayMeFaster reviews your accounts receivables and the credit-worthiness of each of the customers you wish to submit for financing. Once the onboarding process is completed, funds will be deposited directly into your account.

No. There are no volume or minimum requirements at PayMeFaster. Unlike other invoice financing companies, PayMeFaster does not increase your rate if you do not meet minimums. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry.

No. At PayMeFaster, you decide which “customers” you’d like to use invoice financing for. Add new customers as your customer base grows. We have extensive credit resources and can “qualify” a new customer for you within minutes! We work with each of your customers in a professional and courteous manner and want to make the invoice financing process as simple as possible.

You choose which clients you want to factor. We determine the amount of credit that can be extended based on our extensive credit resources.

PayMeFaster routinely collects from most customers without a problem and does pre-credit qualified researches to help guide you. However, occasionally, a customer will not pay an outstanding invoice, and the invoice may be considered not collectable. Invoices such as these may be charged back to you to recover if the reason for non-payment is due to a dispute. If the reason for non-payment is due to credit then the risk is ours.

Typically, invoice financing costs just a few cents of each dollar. We pride ourselves on offering the lowest rates, credit research, and quick outstanding service unmatched in the industry.

All invoice financing or invoice financing companies are NOT the same. The management at PayMeFaster have funded over a billion dollars to thousands of businesses. Our pledge is to provide you with superior customer service, the highest integrity, state-of-the-art technology, and the most competitive rates the industry can offer. We expect our employees to treat you like we treat them, so you will receive only the best customer service from PayMeFaster. We provide straightforward simple solutions to your cash-flow needs.